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We aim to provide the best information related to streaming online. By looking at the best VPN providers available in New Zealand, for unlocking geo-blocked content around the world. We have over 200 guides for all major platforms, events and more. 

We show you how to watch content from around the world in minutes, that would otherwise be blocked to New Zealand residents. 

Any platform that's currently blocked in New Zealand can be unlocked with a VPN provider that offers a server in that country. i.e. iPlayer, you need UK server

List of Blocked Channels in New Zealand

We've outlined our 75 most popular TV channels and sporting events below. This is across categories such as Live TV, Sports, TV series, kids content and major events. 

Without a local IP, you will never be able to watch these in New Zealand. If you're an expat or just love a good binge, we'll show you how to unblock the channel, fast. 

Click on a channel to learn more.

Blocked ContentLocationUnblock?
NetflixUSAGet USA IP
Hulu PlusUSAGet USA IP
Amazon PrimeUSAGet USA IP
Premier LeagueUKGet UK IP
BBC iPlayerUKGet UK IP
Kayo SportsAUGet AU IP
All 4UKGet UK IP
10 All AccessAUGet AU IP
Racing.comAUGet AU IP
Channel 5UKGet UK IP
Foxtel GoAUGet AU IP
Supercars.comUSAGet USA IP
Stan.com.auAUGet AU IP
Binge.com.auAUGet AU IP
7PlusAUGet AU IP
HotstarINGet IN IP
Display+USAGet USA IP
BritboxUKGet UK IP
CriterionUSAGet USA IP
Sky SportsUKGet UK IP
BT SportsUKGet UK IP
UFC Fight PassPLGet PL IP
Optus SportsAUGet AU IP
VidgoAUGet AU IP
CrunchyrollUSAGet USA IP
ShowtimeUSAGet USA IP
Comedy CentralUSAGet USA IP
QuickflixAUGet AU IP
DocPlayAUGet AU IP
RakutenUKGet UK IP
National GeoUSAGet USA IP
iWonderAUGet AU IP
YoukuCNGet CN IP
BilibiliCNGet CN IP
Vision TVCAGet CA IP
DC UniverseUSAGet USA IP
Showcase TVUSAGet USA IP
Food NetworkUSAGet USA IP
Australia Plus TVAUGet AU IP
Bein Sports USAUSAGet USA IP
Epix.comUSAGet USA IP

1. Netflix USA

Providing all the binge-worthy content you could dream of, Netflix USA is a streaming service boasting over 60 million US subscribers.

The Netflix library pairs well-loved classics and Netflix Originals across a range of film, documentary and television show genres, catering to a variety of personal tastes.

Subscribers enjoy the luxury of viewing Netflix content anytime and anywhere through the Netflix app, for only $12.99 per month.

Want to test out these addictive waters before committing? Netflix prioritises transparency and flexibility, so you can enjoy a free trial for your first month. With 5,700 titles said to be available through Netflix US, my guess is that you’ll be hooked.

The New Zealand catalogue is much smaller than the US, Canada, UK or Australia one, so a VPN connected to a server in those countries can unlock more content. 

View tutorial on setting this up

2. Hulu Plus

If you’re looking for a streaming service that offers shows that run currently on major TV networks, Hulu Plus is the best and most trusted option. 

Costing only $7.99 USD per month, Hulu Plus makes binging on the latest TV shows and movies easy, as complete season access is granted to subscribers. 

Of course, Hulu Plus develops its own original programming too, so the content on offer is exclusive. While Hulu Plus is known as the best streaming service for new TV programs, their film library is filled with classics to give subscribers a diversified choice.

One of the major benefits to being a Hulu Plus subscriber is the ability to watch content on a wide array of devices, ranging from iPhones, Androids, gaming consoles and Blu Ray players to Kindles!

Hulu is only available in the USA, so you'll need to connect to a US server before starting your 14 day free trial. 

Learn how to setup Hulu Plus with VPN.

3. Amazon Prime

This streaming service offers an expansive library of films and television shows, including their own Amazon Studios Original Content, across the world.

Through Prime Video, anyone can rent, buy or subscribe in order to gain access to some of the most popular and trending titles.

As an added bonus, with your Prime Video subscription, free expedited delivery, discounts and deals are available on Amazon.com.

Prime Video can be viewed on up to three devices simultaneously through the app, with the option of downloading content for offline watching, too.

Naturally, it’s one of the most popular streaming services in the US and provides highly demanded content.

Prime is only available in the USA, so you'll need to connect to a US server before signing up and accessing your content. (View full tutorial)

4. HBO

For access to their content without needing a subscription to the television channel, HBO is a great video-on-demand subscription for high quality programs.

HBO’s premium content can be streamed on a range of devices including smartphones, laptops and smart TVs for $14.99USD a month.

With content ranging across film, television, documentary, comedy and sport genres, HBO is a great way to centralise all your entertainment content in one subscription.

HBO streaming is available to subscribers in the US, although a VPN with a US server can easily bypass this restriction. (View tutorial)

5. Premier League

The premier league is quite possibly one of the world's greatest sporting leagues but watching in New Zealand is difficult and expensive. 

There's a few platforms out there that stream all games live and on demand including Optus Sports, Sky Sports, BT Sports and free highlights are also available on the BBC iPlayer via Match of the Day. 

If you want to watch mini matches (10 minutes) then MOTD on iPlayer is free and easy to watch with the help of a British VPN server. 

Get full guide on watching here

6. BBC iPlayer

Offering on-demand viewing of BBC entertainment content, BBC iPlayer is widely used in the UK. BBC iPlayer garners great popularity through not featuring commercial advertising for its UK viewers.

Registering for a TV licence enables access to BBC iPlayer, although anyone can signup for a free account with no checks actually done.

The iPlayer features both live and on-demand content streamed from a range of devices, including smartphones, smart TVs and other mobile devices. 

As the streaming service offers access to an expansive library of trending titles, with particular emphasis on TV shows, BBC iPlayer attracts a large audience spanning across all age groups. 

You need to connect to a UK server to access this platform (tutorial). iPlayer offers some great content, including free sports such as the Six Nations and Fifa World Cup. 

7. ITV Player

If you’re in search of a streaming service offering a wide range of content across sport, documentary and even amateur feature film genres, ITV Player is a great option for UK citizens (although a VPN can unlock it for NZ residents.) 

With the Hub+ subscription, costing only £3.99 per month, users can binge their favourite content without advertisements to ruin the fun.

Whether on a mobile device or through your television, ITV on-demand content can be enjoyed without breaks.

For iOS devices, the download feature also enables content to be watched without an internet connection. With easy cancellation and remarkably low monthly fees, ITV Player is an affordable and flexible subscription service.

Another great platform for free sports including Six Nations, Fifa World Cup, British Touring Car Championships, Euro 2021 and Rugby World Cup. 

8. Kayo Sports

Kayo Sports is an Australian streaming service which specialises in sports content and boasts over 400,000 subscribers.

A range of programs across Fox Sports, ESPN, beIN SPORTS and Racing.com are offered on Kayo Sports, ranging from Basketball, Golf, Aussie Rules and Sailing to Tennis, meaning sports lovers can find exactly what they’re looking for, all bundled in one service.

Kayo Basic is priced at $25AUD per month for two simultaneous streams, while Kayo Premium is $35 per month for three simultaneous streams.

Australian sports fanatics love Kayo for the low price of subscription compared to cable television subscriptions, making it a fantastic and efficient place to watch your sport.

In New Zealand, you have to pay for Spark Sports, Bein Sports, Sky Sports if you want to watch all your favourite sports, this can cost upwards of $75 per month. 

Guide on setting up access.

A VPN with an Australian server can unlock Kayo Sports. 

9. ABC iView

As an overwhelmingly popular player in the Australian on-demand streaming service market, ABC iView is a great choice for Australians with diverse viewing habits.

Catch-up and on-demand content spans across education, comedy, sport, news and current affairs, drama and lifestyle genres on ABC iView, also including exclusive content for iView unable to be seen anywhere else.

The ABC is known for an array of high quality content, making this free streaming service a fantastic option for a range of audiences.

Both local and international programming is available through iView, with most of the ABC content provided for streaming 30 days after airing.

An Australian VPN server can unlock this channel

Learn how to access this platform. 

10. All 4 On Demand

A great choice for those residing in the UK and Ireland, All 4 On-Demand offers a wide range of content free of charge, with the ability to upgrade to an ad-free version for a 14 day free trial.

Live content streamed from the television networks are paired with a range of other classic and well-loved TV, film and documentary titles.

All 4 On-Demand can be accessed through the android and iOS apps, Chromecast, smart TVs, consoles and Set Top Boxes to make your viewing experience as flexible as possible. If ads aren’t your thing, the 4+ subscription is only £3.99 per month.

A UK based VPN server can unlock this channel.

11. 10 All Access

Channel 10 content features some of the most popular Australian titles, making 10 All Access a valuable subscription.

Content can be streamed over a variety of screens including phones, tablets and desktops through the app and mobile site.

While the titles on offer are overwhelmingly popular among Australians, any changes to your subscription can be easily made through the app.

It costs only $9.99 AUD per month, and can be easily cancelled. News can even be accessed prior to premier on the network channel, while exclusive originals and 24/7 news updates are only a few of the other bonuses making this subscription one of the best.

Tutorial on setting up this platform.

An Australian VPN server can unlock this channel.

12. Racing.com

Fans of racing flock to Racing.com and the Racing.com app for live and on-demand content covering South Australian and Victorian racing events at any time.

A Racing+ subscription grants access to their live broadcast, live coverage and featured TV programs.

Race replays for provincial and metropolitan race meetings in the same areas of South Australia and Victoria.

As the service is free, Racing.com offers some of the best value for content. All that is needed is a membership to Racing.com!

An Australian VPN server can unlock this channel.

Read guide on unlocking this platform.  

13. Channel 5 UK

If the content on Channel 5 appeals to you, their My5 streaming service is a great option for on-demand viewing.

It’s a free subscription which grants those in the UK access to archived titles and a catch-up service for currently running series, which can be viewed up to 7 days after they air on live television.

The USA option is called 5USA, and both offer a wide range of comedy, drama and featured documentaries that will appeal to a variety of tastes.

Not only can you catch up with the Channel 5 apps, but My5 also offers some exclusive content on the app, paired with the premieres of new shows.

A UK based VPN server can unlock this channel.

14. Foxtel Go

A great bonus for Foxtel customers is the Foxtel Go app, which allows you to watch all of the content included in your regular subscription, but on any device.

It facilitates watching on up to five devices with two simultaneous streams at a time. Ranging from Foxtel’s drama and sport to kids programming, their high quality content is made even better when watched on-demand.

If the kids need supervision, the parental controls enable only G and PG content to be viewed on kid’s accounts. So, whether it’s live TV or on-demand viewing that you’re looking for, Foxtel Go has you covered.

An Australian VPN can unlock this channel.

15. UKTV Play

UKTV offers their UKTV Play service for free to UK citizens. Content can be viewed through the UKTV Play app or through a browser, with an expansive library of shows to pick from, which are recommended to you based on your watch history.

Box sets ranging across drama, comedy and documentary genres are available to watch at any time. All that’s required is registration and this free content is at your fingertips.

If you’re interested in UKTV’s other channels, like Gold, Eden and Alibi, then a paid subscription also grants access to partner channels including Sky, Talk Talk and Virgin Media, all enabling on-demand watching to suit your needs.

A UK based VPN server can unlock this platform.

16. Supercars.com

If you’re a fan of motorsports and love the thrill motorsports entertainment content, Supercars.com is a great place to get up to speed on your most loved events.

Supercars.com offers a streaming service, SuperView, to Australians to Foxtel customers, while enabling those outside of the country to use the SuperView app for $59.95.

The subscription includes every 2020 championship qualifying session, every 2020 championship race and the ability to watch live or on-demand to suit your schedule.

This premium streaming experience allows fanatics to watch and rewatch all of their favourite motorsports content spanning across the entire year, so it’s fantastic value for money.

A UK or USA VPN server can unlock this platform. View tutorial on setting up

17. DAZN Sports

Sports fans around the world are invested in the sports streaming app, DAZN, which offers high-demand content including NFL, Champions League, Premier League and Europa League in the Canadian subscription.

Both live sporting events and archived matches can be enjoyed through DAZN, with additional favourites including tennis, boxing and baseball content on offer.

Of course, DAZN can be viewed through the app, on a smart TV and even a gaming console, with the ability to pause and rewind coverage so that you don’t miss a minute.

DAZN costs $20 per month or $150 per year, with a month of free viewing for new subscribers.

A Canada VPN server can unlock this platform.

18. Stan Australia

Australian viewers can subscribe to Stan Basic for only $10 per month, while Stan Standard costs $14 per month.

With Stan, subscribers can watch on a variety of devices, ranging from gaming consoles to smart TVs and through the mobile app.

Stan is most popular for its wide variety of television shows, allowing binge watchers to enjoy their content without ads.

With the basic option, only one device can be used for a Stan account, but with the standard option, up to three devices can be used to watch Stan content, making it a great subscription for the family. (View tutorial on setup)

An Australian VPN can unlock this platform.

19. Binge Australia

Appealing right in the name, Binge TV is the newest on-demand streaming platform in Australia, offering ‘binge-worthy’ shows and movies to watch anytime, anywhere.

Their titles span across movie, TV series, documentary and lifestyle and reality content, with something available for every age group.

The Dark Knight, Chernobl and Game of Thrones, all exclusive and difficult to find through other streaming platforms, are available on Binge.com.

You can watch through their iOS and android apps on a range of devices, with $10 basic, $14 standard and $18 premium options available.

Because every title is deemed binge-worthy before inclusion in the Binge.com library, you can rest assured that they offer some of the best content out there. 

An Australian VPN can unlock this platform.

20. 7Plus Australia

7Plus is a free streaming service available for fans of Channel 7 content in Australia.

Their exclusive titles ranging across television programs and films are on offer through 7Plus, which can be viewed on the mobile app, through a browser, gaming consoles, on a range of smart TVs and on chromecast.

Live streaming of Channel 7, 7mate, 7TWO, 7flix and Racing.com content is available through 7Plus, while also available for on-demand viewing if you prefer the binge-watching style.

As the service is free to use and offers some of the most diverse content among competitors, 7Plus is a valuable membership for Australians.

Read guide on unlocking platform.  

21. Hotstar

Hotstar is an Indian streaming service with a library of domestic entertainment, sports content and international films and programs featured on HBO and Showtime, to name a few.

The Premium subscription option costs 299 rupee per month with an included free trial month, and 999 rupee per year.

Premium is a popular option due to the large volume of premium content featured in the Hotstar library. If a paid subscription isn’t what you’re after, Hotstar is also offered for free in India, but the content library is limited and ads are included in the stream.

Full Hotstar setup guide

An Indian VPN can let you get the cheapest price. 

22. Disney Channel

For Disney fans across the world, Disney Channel and the content offered on Disney Plus is a fantastic entertainment option.

Disney Plus is an affordable on-demand video service, priced at only $8.99 per month, which features Disney, Pixar, Marvel and National Geographic exclusive content.

Up to four devices can simultaneously stream Disney content including televisions, computers, mobile devices and gaming consoles.

Even better, Disney Plus streams some original and exclusive content available only for subscribers, making it a highly valuable entertainment subscription.

Family favourites make it a versatile on-demand option, with other titles more suited to adults to cater to all viewing preferences.

While the platform is already available in New Zealand, the catalogue is not the same as what's available in the USA, so connecting to a US server can unlock all the content

23. TVPlayer

Whether you’re interested in premium content or a free way to view well-loved TV channels in the UK, TvPlayer.com is a great streaming service to consider.

Monthly subscriptions cost £6.99 and include a month-long free trial, with the ability to watch on android and iOS apps, smart televisions and through chromecast.

Over 40 channels are available to subscribers, with ten of these not available on Freeview or Freesat. Making it a great, flexible option for those with a busy schedule, TVPlayer titles can also be downloaded and without internet access.

So, for a transparent and flexible subscription that provides great value for money, TVPlayer is a great option for those in the UK.

A United Kingdom based VPN can unlock this platform.

Learn how to access this platform.  

24. CBS

For lovers of CBS content, CBS All Access is a streaming service offered in the US which offers original and premiering content featured on CBS channels.

If you’re after an affordable entertainment subscription, CBS All Access base plan costs only $5.99 per month, while the commercial-free version costs $9.99 per month.

If you’re interested in particular CBS shows, CBS originals, CBS news and sports content, the All Access subscription offers excellent value for money.

Whether you’re in the US, Canada or even Australia, where 10 All Access replaces this subscription, the All Access streaming service can be well suited to your individual taste.

A USA based VPN can unlock this platform.

25. Britbox

Offering a great selection of British television shows and feature films, BritBox is a fantastic option for those in the UK, US and Canada.

Britbox content includes that featured on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5, making it the largest on-demand provider of British box sets.

Britbox costs either $6.99 USD per month, or $69.99 per year. Whether it’s comedy, drama, lifestyle, mystery, news or live events, you can catch up on popular titles for on-demand viewing and indulge in a binge-watching session.

So, for an expansive library and low monthly fees, Britbox is a great option for those who love British entertainment content.

A US, UK or Canadian VPN can unlock this platform. 

26. Now TV

Now TV provides content through the Sky network, which is available for streaming and on-demand viewing in Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

Now TV users can subscribe to different types of content with entertainment, cinema and sports passes, including a 7-day free trial.

The entertainment pass includes 3,000 box set titles for £8.99 per month, 1,000 movie titles for £11.99 a month, and day pass for live sports coverage costing £9.99, making it a great option for a range of tastes.

As Now TV shows Disney and Marvel films, paired with a range of highly popular box sets, their subscriptions are great value for your money.

A British VPN can unlock this platform.

27. Criterion Channel

If you’re a movie-lover, Criterion Channel’s expansive library of classic and contemporary titles will hook you.

Criterion Channel offers a 14-day free trial, so you can get a feel for some of their 1,000 titles spanning across contemporary, art-house, international, Hollywood and independent genres.

The difference between Criterion Channel and other, similar streaming services is the added features offered, including focus on directors, genres and themes, thematic presentation, a 15-minute film school each month and guest stars providing movie recommendations.

Available in both the US and Canada, it costs $9.99 USD per month or $99.99 per year, with the option to view your favourite content on a range of devices.

A Canadian VPN can unlock this website.

28. Sky Sports UK

If you’re a sports fan, watching live and catch-up content on the Sky Sports Uk app or just through a browser is a great way to get up-to-date with content according to your own schedule.

Sky Sports passes are £9.99 per day, £14.99 per week or £33.99 per month, making it a great subscription for a range of occasions or for regular viewing.

Those in the UK and Ireland can access a range of matches and events spanning across cricket, rugby union, boxing, football, golf, motorsports and even racing events.

Sky Sports UK is known and loved for their football coverage in particular, so no matter your inclination, this is a great sports entertainment subscription for you.

You'll need a UK based VPN server to watch.

29. BT Sports

BT Sports is a group of television sports channels and is available in app format with a £25 monthly pass.

On BT Sports, the Premier League, Australian cricket matches, the Champions League and UFC are some of the matches and events which are exclusively featured in Ireland and the UK, making it a valued, bundled streaming service.

BT Sports is offering a half-price deal for the first 3 months of new subscriptions, meaning that if you select a package TV and broadband deal, you’re making great savings.

So, for football lovers in particular, BT Sports is a fantastic option for streaming on-demand content in the UK and Ireland.

You'll need a UK based VPN server to watch.

30. UFC Fight Pass

Fight Fans across the world can watch fighting showcases, access 24-hour linear streaming and view any of the UFC Fight Pass’ 20,000 archived fights on-demand.

Whether its original content or live UFC, MMA or boxing events you’re interested in, UFC Fight Pass has you covered.

Their monthly pass is pretty inexpensive at $10.99AUD, though the annual $104.99 pass is great value for your money, too.

The UFC Fight Pass app is available for download on iOS and Android devices, so you can view content wherever and whenever you like.

So, if you want access to every UFC event in its history, UFC Fight Pass is a great sports and entertainment streaming service for you. 

While this platform is available in New Zealand, you can save up to 70% by registering for your account in the Philippines. You can do this with a Philippines VPN. 

31. ESPN

If you’re setup with Foxtel or Fetch, you can watch ESPN sports content on-demand, including NBA, NFL, NRL, and Football games. If not, there's still a way. 

It’s easy to access their sports content through the iOS and android ESPN apps, which enable flexible viewing to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re not signed up to one of their verified providers, you can still watch some ESPN content through clips featured on ESPN.com, giving viewers a good look at content across different sporting genres.

ESPN content is great for kiwi's interested in American sports and live matches, so consider having a look at what content could be included in your TV provider’s package.

While ESPN is a channel offered through Sky Sports, in the United States there's many channels available, so a US VPN can unlock these

32. Fubo TV

FuboTV is a streaming platform that includes sports channels and focuses on popular leagues like NFL, NBA and international soccer, to name a few.

It’s an American platform, with most packages offered to those within the states and Canada, but content varies across locations.

Their standard monthly package is priced at $54.99, so it’s reasonably expensive; however, some of their channels are exclusive and the customisation of your package makes the offering flexible and perfectly suited to your tastes.

FuboTV offers a 7-day free trial for new customers, making it a great option to try out to see if you enjoy the content they provide. 

Fubo is available in New Zealand without a VPN. However to get the full catalogue which is only available in the USA, you need a US VPN server. 

33. SBS Australia

SBS on demand curates premium content for Australian viewers from across the world, featuring over 7,000 hours of entertainment that can be watched wherever and whenever you like.

SBS on demand can be watched for free, with a simple sign-up process required. Whether it be through the iOS or android app, a smart TV or other connected devices, you can catch up with your favourite SBS content easily.

Their genres span across comedy, drama, documentary and movies, meaning there is something great to be found for a wide range of viewers.

SBS on demand features channels including Viceland, World Movies, SBS, SBS Food and NITV, making the free content on offer too good to pass up. 

You'll need a AU based VPN server to watch.

34. 9Now Australia

For those who love Channel 9 content, the on-demand streaming on 9now is the perfect way to enjoy flexible TV viewing.

9now offers a free and simple sign-up process, making their content easily and readily available almost immediately after it airs on the linear programming channel.

Their current and archived TV shows can be binged or watched as they arrive each week, including news, documentary, reality and lifestyle programming and comedy content.

So, for a free subscription that grants access to a wide variety of Channel 9 content, look to 9now for your on-demand streaming. 

You'll need a AU based VPN server to watch.

35. Fetch TV Australia

You can watch FetchTV content through a subscription to their online television service, available to those in Australia and New Zealand.

Their 45 channels can be watched on-demand through the browser or mobile apps for iOS and android devices, making your television viewing easy and flexible.

The subscription is monthly, and grants access to Netflix and Stan in addition to the live and linear broadcasts included.

Channel packs start at $6 per month, with 30 new movies included in each monthly rotation.

So, have a look at the variety of genres offered on FetchTV if you’re considering it as an option for your on-demand streaming.

You'll need a AU based VPN server to watch.

36. Optus Sports

Because Optus Sports offers both live and on-demand sports entertainment content, it’s the perfect subscription for Australian sports fans.

This subscription is reasonably priced at $14.99 per month, granting access to Premier League, Champions League and the European Qualifiers content, among other famous titles.

You are free to stream Optus Sports content on a range of devices, including gaming consoles, smart TVs, computers and mobile devices and tablets.

So, for the most flexible way to watch sports news coverage, live matches and archived events, consider Optus Sports as your next streaming service. 

You'll need an Aussie VPN server to watch.

37. Philo.com

This is an American video streaming and on-demand platform, offering 60 well-loved channels for only $20 per month.

It’s a great offer and gives you excellent value for your money, as channels such as TLC, Lifetime and History are among some of the well-loved favourites included in their expansive library.

Because Philo offers a free trial for 7 days, there’s a great opportunity there to get familiar with their content and decide if it’s the right subscription for you.

Watching shows on Philo is made easy through downloading their app on iOS and android devices, with additional options for FireTV and Roku.

So, for a great variety of entertainment content offered at a low price, Philo is a good option for those in the US. 

You'll need a USA based VPN server to watch.

38. Youtube TV

US viewers have the luxury of access to YouTube TV, which features over 85 of the most popular channels in the country, including Comedy Central and Nickelodeon.

The wide variety of shows across genres including news, sports, lifestyle programming and drama make it easy to see why YouTube TV was rated the best streaming service in 2020 by CNET.

The subscription is a little more expensive than most at $64.99 per month, although the value it provides is well worth it.

In addition to their standard subscription package, YouTube TV also combines subscription with other services like Hulu to provide amazing streaming.

So, if you love YouTube content and want to combine it with your live TV viewing, consider a YouTube TV subscription. 

As this platform is only available in the USA, you'll need a US VPN to watch

39. Sling TV

Sling is a TV streaming service offered for American viewers, which offers major cable TV channels as a part of the Dish Network.

Making it a great, flexible option for binging and catching up with your favourite content, Sling can be watched on a range of mobile devices so fantastic content can follow you everywhere.

Whether you have an iPhone, android, smart TV or even an Xbox, you can get access to Sling. They also cater to diverse viewers through a range of packages, including $30 Sling Orange, $30 Sling Blue and a combination of the two for $45 per month. 

The number of channels offered with each subscription is 32, 47 and 53 respectively, so you get a great quantity of content for your buck. 

As this platform is only available in the USA, you'll need a US VPN to watch

40. Pluto.TV

Just like linear TV channels, PlutoTV offers linear streaming in order to provide a more flexible option for broadcast programming.

PlutoTV is free due to advertisement breaks in between their linear programming, so viewers within the US can enjoy content through the 250 channels they stream. 

PlutoTV has over 20 million users, on average, each month. If that doesn’t highlight the value in free and diverse programming available online, what else could?

So, you can get watching PlutoTV through their website or mobile iOS and android apps and make the most of the flexibility they provide for linear programming. It takes fatigue out of the picture. 

As this platform is only available in the USA, you'll need a US VPN to watch

41. Vidgo

If you love streaming content online but miss the social interaction and fun involved in sitting down to watch TV with family and friends, Vidgo.com is a great option to consider over traditional streaming platforms.

Vidgo offers Social TV, which means viewers can create viewing parties for both private and public groups and enjoy company while watching any content through ESPN and Fox channels.

The Core package is $29.99USD per month, while the Plus option is $39.99 per month, which includes a 3-day free trial to let you test out their content. 

This platform requires a US VPN to unlock.

42. TubiTV

For world-wide lovers of on-demand content streaming who aren’t lovers of monthly fees, TubiTV is great for watching entertainment online or through their app.

TubiTV is ad-supported and boasts over 20,000 movies and TV shows from a range of Hollywood studios.

So, signing up to TubiTV grants access to a diverse and expansive library from a range of devices through their iOS and android apps.

They are the largest ad-supported streaming service in the world, so you can trust that the brand delivers on their promise of high quality content. 

This platform requires a US VPN to unlock.

43. CrunchyRoll

For anime-lovers around the world, Crunchyroll is the perfect on-demand streaming service. Whether you’re into anime, manga, East Asian dramas or dorama, Crunchyroll is sure to have the perfect options for you.

Crunchyroll has over 900 anime and 50 manga titles in its expansive library, making it a centralised provider of many favourites within these genres.

The best part about Crunchyroll is that you can watch through a free or premium viewing option, leaving the choice between ad-supported content and a $7.99NZD premium subscription each month. 

So, consider trying out the 14-day free trial and becoming one of Crunchyroll’s 60 million users if this is the kind of entertainment content you’re into.

This platform is available to watch in New Zealand but to get the full catalogue you'll need to get a US server to unlock it

44. Quibi

If you love watching content on your phone, Quibi is the streaming service for you.
Quibi features shows designed specifically for viewing on mobile phones, so you can get comfortable and watch anywhere.

Their titles star some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Sophie Turner and Liam Hemsworth.

As if their offer can’t get any more enticing, Quibi has monthly plans starting from only $4.99USD and offers a free trial for new users, although American and Canadian viewers are the only ones lucky enough to watch Quibi at the moment.

So, consider a 14-day free trial to see whether the short-form shows on Quibi are what you’re interested in.

This platform requires a US VPN to unlock.

45. HiYah TV

If you love Asian action movies and martial arts programming, HiYahTV is the perfect streaming platform for you.

A $3.99 USD monthly fee is great value for your money, and the included 30-day free trial means having a look at their content is risk free.

Whether your favourite is Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or Johnnie To, this broad content library will be the place to find what you’re searching for.

Some of their most popular titles include Paradox, Memories of the Sword and True Legend.

Seeing as signing up is risk-free due to an easy and transparent cancellation process, there’s no harm in having a browse of the HiYahTV library and deciding whether to subscribe for yourself. 

This platform requires a US VPN to unlock.

46. Hayu

Hayu is perfect for reality TV lovers who like to catch up with their favourite shows in their own time. It’s available pretty much around the world, so the content library includes great titles, especially those originating in the US.

Their reality shows are available in box sets, so you can binge your way through your favourites. Even better, Hayu also has exclusive clips featuring stars from their reality shows that can’t be seen anywhere else.

With same-day availability as in the US and archived content available to users, the Australian streaming costs only $6.99 per month, with a 30-day free trial to get you familiar with their offerings. 

However for New Zealanders you're out of luck, so you'll need an Australian VPN to unlock the full potential here. 

47. Showtime Anytime

Showtime Anytime allows viewers in the US access to Showtime original series and a range of trending, premium content for on-demand streaming.

The monthly subscription costs $11, with the ability to watch across a range of iOS and android devices, smart TVs and gaming consoles.

Their blockbuster movies and binge-worthy TV series are available to watch without commercials, so you can have uninterrupted time watching your favourite entertainment content.

Showtime also features linear streaming content to enable subscribers to watch their scheduled content, making it a flexible and diverse platform that’s great for a variety of viewers. 

Available with a US VPN server to bypass.

48. Comedy Central

Viewers in the US can enjoy streaming Comedy Central content on-demand if they belong to one of the accepted TV providers.

This means that their content is included in your package cost, making it a great website to visit or app to download if you want to watch a range of comedic content whenever you like and wherever you are.

If you don’t belong to one of their verified TV providers, some online streaming services include access to Comedy Central content, including Prime Instant Video.

So, for one of the widest varieties of comedy programming on offer, Comedy Central streaming is a great option for those in the US.

You need a USA VPN to watch this channel.

49. Shudder TV

Fans of horror, thriller and supernatural entertainment content in the US and UK love Shudder.com for its expansive variety of genre-specific movies.

The US subscription costs only $5.99 per month, making it exceptionally affordable in comparison to other video-on-demand streaming services.

Not only does Shudder feature famous horror and thriller titles from around the world, there are also original and exclusive titles included in the content library, making it a valuable subscription for lovers of this kind of content.

In addition, Shudder.com also offers free, ad-supported programming through their Shudder.tv feed, so you can get to know what they’re about before subscribing. 

You need a USA VPN to watch this channel.

50. Quickflix

Whether you enjoy streaming movies or watching the old fashioned way, Quickflix has you covered.

Quickflix offers streaming and DVD delivery to your door on a pay-as-you-go basis, making it a flexible and relatively risk-free option for viewing.

Their subscription is easily cancelled and provided access to Hollywood movie titles even before many other streaming services, so it’s a great option for movie lovers.

Quickflix is Australia’s largest rental store for Blu Ray and DVD, making their reputation one you can trust. 

You need an Aussie VPN to access platform.

51. Doc Play Australia

If you’re an Australian documentary lover or aspiring documentarian, DocPlay provides a large variety of documentary titles, with special focus on Australian creators.

It’s an inexpensive streaming service, costing only $6.95 each month or $69.95 annually. A free trial is also included in your subscription with easy cancellation, so it’s a good option to try out.

Because DocPlay is available through the AppStore and GooglePlay, it's a flexible subscription that can be watched anywhere.

So, if you like factual and educational content, consider subscribing to DocPlay to get it all in one package deal. 

You need an Aussie VPN to access platform.

52. Gaia

Gaia provides spiritual, consciousness expanding video content across films, classes, articles and original shows to members from across the world.

Their content is mostly exclusive and cannot be found through mainstream media outlets, with topics ranging from transformation and yoga to truth seeking.

Because the service seeks to enhance your physical, mental and spiritual consciousness and impart important and trans-formative knowledge, this is a valuable and widely recommended subscription.

So, for access to yoga and meditation guides, live content and an expansive library of educational video content, the Gaia subscription costs $15.99 per month, with an optional $35.75 live pass paid annually. 

You need a USA VPN to access platform.

53. Rakuten TV

Rakuten TV is available across many European countries, offering TV series and films for rent and purchase through a subscription.

Because users pay for each piece of content viewed, it can be an inexpensive service, with films costing an average of £4.99 to rent or up to £13.99 to buy.

Rakuten TV has a reputation for offering the newest and most trending movie and TV titles to subscribers, with excellent quality, ranging up to 4K HDR.

So, if you’re in one of the twelve countries they service in Europe, consider a Rakuten TV subscription if you prefer to stream and pay as-you-go for a more cost efficient option.

You need a British VPN to access platform. 

54. National Geographic TV 

If you’re in the Americas and love National Geographic content, National Geographic TV could be available to you through your TV package.

National Geographic TV is available for download on iOS and android devices for flexible viewing, but only to those with participating pay TV providers, including Time Warner Cable and Comcast Xfinity, to name a few.

Live and on-demand viewing of the National Geographic original series and documentaries are available through the streaming service, with additional Nat Geo Wild content on offer, too.

So, for lovers of nature and those seeking some educational content, consider watching National Geographic content through their TV streaming service. 

Accessible only by USA VPN server.

55. Fandor

Filmmakers and lovers of classic films will appreciate Fandor for its efforts to curate a premium, exclusive library of films for an exceptional cinematic experience.

Fandor seeks to preserve and advance the works and artists within the film industry, with a 50% revenue share going to the rights holders of Fandor films, so you can feel assured you are supporting an ethical business.

Content ranges across documentaries, silent, short, foreign and independent films. They also offer translations for different languages as Fandor services streaming across different countries.

Because Fandor is inexpensive to subscribe to as compared to competitors, you should consider this 14-day free trial and $5.99USD monthly payment thereafter if you love movies of all kinds. 

Accessible only by USA VPN server.

56. iWonder

iWonder is the ultimate documentary streaming service, which curates content around current events and provides a wide variety of genres for diverse viewers.

Featuring Academy Award and Emming-winning titles, iWonder has curated a premium library of engaging stories that are often exclusive and otherwise hard to find.

Australians can watch iWonder for only $6.99 per month, with a 30-day free trial offered at your subscription’s outset. This is inexpensive for a streaming service, so great value is provided for your money with iWonder.

iWonder is available for viewing through iOS and android apps, on casting devices, Apple TV and computers, making it a flexible option for watching the best movies today. 

Accessible only by Australian VPN server.

57. RTE Player

If you’re a fan of Irish RTE broadcast content, the RTE Player offers this and much more. Exclusive content to RTE Player, regular broadcast shows and international titles are available through the mobile app and to watch through a browser.

Titles can be viewed from 7-21 days following broadcast, and span across all genres.

A monthly subscription costs €8.99, offered free of commercials and granting access anytime and anywhere with internet access.

For those who don’t want to pay, RTE offers a fantastic service whereby 100 hours of content can be viewed for free!

Accessible only by an Irish VPN server.

58. Acorn TV

If you’re looking for fantastic variety, American streaming service, Acorn TV, offers British content, as well as that in Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and Spain.

The content on offer is featured on ITV, Channel 4 and BBC Studios, to name a few. Acorn TV is offered over a 7-day free trial, with a $6.99 monthly fee to follow.

Content can be watched through the designated schedule or viewed on-demand in true binge style.

Acorn TV has developed a series of foreign-language titles to facilitate international audiences, while also including new documentaries in the science, art and travel genres.

Accessible only by UK based VPN provider.

59. Youku

With over 500 million monthly viewers and 800 million daily views, Youku is a leading video streaming platform in China, based in Beijing.

Youku is focused on professionally produced content, boasting over 1,500 content partners.

Users who sign up to the platform can create and publish their own productions and interact with other commenters on videos, making it reasonably comparable to YouTube.

Because Youku is free for those in China, it’s a great video streaming service to check out for a wide variety of content across different genres. 

Accessible only by China VPN server.

60. Bilibili

Bilibili is a Chinese streaming and video sharing platform, with a particular focus on animation, comic and games content.

Bilibili allows users to watch and interact with live streams from renowned content creators.

In addition to their video and streaming content, Bilibili also offers users mobile games with similar themes.

Most viewers can access content anonymously without a membership; however, select channels and videos are reserved for members who pay for access.

So, for Chinese viewers with a keen interest in animation, gaming and comic entertainment and commentary content, this Shanghai-based streaming platform is perfect. 

Accessible only by China VPN server.

61. Syfy

For fantasy, horror, science fiction and thriller genres ranging across TV shows, movies, comics and podcasts, Syfy is a great TV Channel and online streaming service for Americans.

Syfy has created over 200 original films with production companies that are offered through live, linear programming and on-demand viewing.

In addition to the website’s entertainment streaming, there are also games, news and interviews on offer to their viewers.

 If you’re interested, Syfy content is available through some cable TV packages and for download in the app store, with a free trial included for your first month.

62. AETV

If you’re interested in non-fiction programming, with hybrid documentary-soap-operas, documentary miniseries and true crime segments, AETV is a great option for streaming high quality content.

AETV is available for viewers in the United States, with some content offered for anyone and needing no sign in; however, to access some premium and trending titles, signing in to AETV through your TV provider is necessary.

They also feature an increasingly expansive reality TV library, which can be viewed through a browser or on their mobile iOS and android apps.

For fans in Australia, Canada, Latin America and Europe, AETV has released alternative channels for viewing, so don’t sweat it if you’re located elsewhere and love their content.

63. CWTV

Content like The Jerry Springer Show and America’s Next Top Model, news programming and children’s programming, among their regular scheduled, linear content, is on offer through the CWTV on-demand streaming service.

Those in the US with most of the major cable TV providers and Hulu, Netflix and iTunes bundles can access the content streamed on CWTV.

Whether you have an iPhone or android, you can catch up with your favourite content with their app or on a mobile browser. So, make the most of their on-demand viewing of full episodes and series and check out whether your provider offers access.

64. Vision TV

Diversity is championed by Vision TV Canada, where various faith, culture and family-based programs can be enjoyed by a wide audience.

Vision TV specialises in providing airtime to Christian ministries, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist faiths and groups, and is the only place for much of this niche programming to be found.

Exclusively offering access for Canadians to Downtown Abbey, Call The Midwife and Doc Martin, it is a streaming service where trending and widely popular shows reside.

As their linear schedule and archived content is available to view online, Vision TV Canada is a great entertainment provider for those with the channel included in their TV provider.

65. DC Universe

DC fans in the United States can enjoy an expansive library of archived films and series through a membership.

Memberships cost either $7.99USD per month or $74.99 each year, granting access to new, exclusive content including the half-hour Harley Quinn special and older DC animated and live-action films.

Up to two devices can stream DC Universe content at a time, with access through iOS, Android, Xbox One and a number of Smart TVs.

So, for cult followers who love both nostalgic and fresh DC content, the Universe streaming membership is a great option to consider.

66. Showcase TV

Showcase TV is available on demand for those with a Showcase subscription. It’s a subscription deemed suitable for those with ‘unconventional’ taste in entertainment content, known for premium and original Hollywood titles.

You can access Showcase TV through your TV provider, with automatic access to the Showcase ON DEMAND streaming service thereafter. Because they’re known for great storylines with original and unforgettable characters, Showcase content is perfect for hardcore fans of high quality, ‘binge-worthy’ series.

 Both live, linear programming and archived entertainment content is available for streaming, with the ability to watch through a browser or on their iOS and Android apps.

67. OLN TV

OLN TV is a Canadian channel which specialises in a wide range of primarily outdoor and adventure shows for live and on-demand viewing, with an additional focus on entertainment and reality TV programming.

OLN content appears on the website a day after broadcast. It’s completely free to watch, which is great for those already bombarded with numerous monthly subscriptions.

Some of the most popular titles included are Fail Army, Ghost Hunters, Storage Wars and Beyond Survival, making it a great, diverse streaming platform for audiences interested in these niches.

68. Food Network

Food lovers should be aware of the Food Network’s availability for streaming online through their website or iOS and Android apps.

A Food Network subscription is quite affordable, costing only $4.99 each month; however, many TV providers can grant access to the content streamed by Food Network online, so it’s worth checking to see if yours supports this access.

Shows like Kids Baking Championship, Good Eats and Worst Cooks in America are available for live and archived viewing through their linear programming and library, making it a pretty diverse and entertaining subscription that naturally caters to a few different tastes.

69. Australia Plus TV

This streaming service offers Australian-focused content including current events, drama, documentaries and comedies for 40 countries in the Asia-Pacific region, making it a great option for Australians living at home and abroad.

All of this ABC content can be viewed on-demand through ABC iView, which highlights linear programming and provides archived access to their most popular title following live broadcast.

Even important events like elections, national sporting matches and holiday specials are covered on this streaming platform. For this reason, it’s a great subscription for Australian’s to have if they want to feel connected to home.

70. AMC

AMC programming is known for showcasing premium-quality movies and increasingly acclaimed original content. It’s an American cable channel that provides on-demand streaming if you’re with one of the included verified TV providers.

Series and films that have gained global popularity are featured on AMC, including Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Doctor Who.

 AMC Premiere enables viewers to watch commercial-free, on-demand series and films, with an additional charge on top of the access granted by your TV provider; a small price to pay for great, freely available entertainment.

71. Bein Sports USA

Good news for American soccer fans: Bein Sports USA is offered for free through Bein Sports Connect, which makes international soccer and other, assorted international sports available for on-demand viewing for those with participating TV providers.

Some of the most popular sports and leagues carried by Bein Sports include LaLiga, AFCON, MotoGP, MMA and extreme sports, making this a great streaming service for those who need to catch up with their favourite sporting events.

Bein Sports Connect is only available for those who pay for an included cable TV provider, so it’s important to check that yours is included in order to get watching.


ABC provides a live broadcast and on-demand viewing of the best ABC shows for viewers in the US who are with participating TV providers. The service is free for those viewers, so it’s a great way to stream relevant entertainment and news content.

The ABC app centralises all of this for iOS and Android users, so that both live and archived programming is available to watch anywhere.

So, for shows like The Bachelor, Modern Family, Dancing with the Stars and Jimmy Kimmel Live!, consider streaming ABC content for free, courtesy of your TV provider.

73. Epix.com

Epix offers a good mix of everything in their streaming service. Original content, trending and acclaimed films are all free for those with a participating US TV provider or digital providers like Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

If you aren’t with any participating providers, you can still subscribe through the Epix app for only $5.99 per month, which is affordable considering the value on offer. 

Whether you would prefer watching through the scheduled content streaming or on-demand, Epix has you covered.

Their library is sorted into helpful collections including Comedy, Drama, Black Voices, Throwbacks and Soldier’s Stories, to name a few. Clearly, this is a streaming service catering to a wide variety of tastes.

74. Starz

This library is packed with blockbuster and hit movie titles, paired with high quality original content. Starz.com is a great option for entertainment streaming within the US.

Starz is available for free through logging-in with participating providers’ details; however, you can also subscribe for only $8.99 through the app if you aren’t with one of their verified providers.

The 7-day free trial on offer also makes the decision to try Starz out pretty risk-free.

Their originals include names like Outlander, Hightown, Power and American Gods, with other famous titles including Shawshank Redemption, Charlie’s Angels and Ice Age included in this diverse library.

So, perfect for families through kids and adult programming, Starz is a streaming service worthy of a test run to see if it’s your new favourite platform.

75. VRV.com

If you love Anime, gaming and speculative fiction, you can trust that VRV provides high quality content for streaming due to its backing by each of these fandoms. Some of the content is even offered for free.

Some of the noteworthy content available through VRV include Cartoon Hangover, Mondo Media and Rooster Teeth, with VRV Select offering movies and shows for premium subscribers. Subscribers can choose to pay for individual channels or purchase a few in a bundle.

What’s best is that channels like Crunchyroll and Boomerang can be viewed through a VRV subscription, for only $9.99 per month. This makes VRV a great service for centralising all of this genre-related content in one payment.

76. Dark Web

The dark web is a part of the Internet that isn't visible to normal search engines or web browsers. You need to use a special browser, called Tor. 

This is a risky place to visit, with many websites offering illicit services and products to purchase, however there is also a genuine side, with websites that simply want to remain annomymous such as freedom of speech. 

The dark web, or deep web as it is sometimes also referred too, is untraceable, however for peace of mind we recommend using TOR in conjunction with a VPN. 

This will ensure your IP access logs are completely invisible when accessing the dark web by leveraging the power of encryption and DNS masking.