Checkout The Best Treehouse Hotels In Australia & New Zealand

We’ve all dreamt of relaxing in nature and soaking up the sun while being surrounded by trees. It’s a wish we all have and, luckily for us all, we can now achieve. Treehouse hotels are the newest trend for everyone going on holidays or simply needing a weekend getaway.

Today we’re looking at the best treehouse hotels in Australia & New Zealand.

They offer you premium relaxation, magnificent views, and top-notch experiences. Some of the most visited treehouse hotels are located in Australia and New Zealand thanks to the weather and landscapes of the two countries. So, for everyone wishing to go back to their childhood and spend some quality time in a treehouse, here are 5 of the best ones you should include on your bucket list.

  1. The Canopy Treehouses & Wildlife Retreat

The Canopy treehouses were built in 2001 and have been a great attraction for all Australians as well as tourists ever since. Located in an ancient forest, these treehouses allow its visitors to become one with nature. The forest is home to various rare species of birds as well as plants and trees. While relaxing, you can go for walks, read your favourite book, or enjoy a cosy dinner with your friends. This wildlife retreat also offers activities for those who want to explore their surroundings — snorkelling, white water rafting, hiking, and many more. As to accommodation, all treehouses are equipped with kitchens so you can make your own meals as well as enjoy your privacy. The Canopy Treehouses & Wildlife Retreat is a wonderful choice for those who want to relax in nature and breathe in the fresh air.

  1. Silky Oaks Lodge

Located in the heart of Queensland, Australia, Silky Oaks Lodge offers various luxuries, personalised services, and beautiful accommodations. This resort is perfect for all nature lovers as it’s surrounded by world heritage listed Daintree Rainforest and placed nearby Great Barrier Reef. Silky Oaks Lodge offers big suites as well as small rooms so everyone can enjoy the tranquillity and the beauty of nature. Moreover, the packages offered by the resort include canoeing, kayaking, yoga, hiking and many more activities that can help you explore the area as well as keep you energised. It’s a perfect choice for anyone who is in a dire need of taking some time off and relaxing.

  1. The Tree House

The Tree House accommodations are located just 5 hours away from Auckland and deliver its visitors an epic time in nature. This resort allows you to soak up the fresh air as well as explore the wonders of local New Zealand. There are many cafes, restaurants, and shops in nearby towns, which provide a great opportunity to stay connected to the outside world. The whole resort is surrounded by sub-tropical plants and trees and placed conveniently next to Hokianga Harbour. It offers accommodations not only to resorters, but also solo travellers, bikers, and backpackers. It’s a perfect place to visit to explore the beauty of New Zealand.

  1. Hapuku Lodge + Tree Houses

This resort is located on a deer breeding farm. It provides accommodations on the coastline, which allows its visitors to explore not only the surrounding nature but also the waters and marine animals. Hapuku Lodge is a family business, which comes with its perks — you will always feel welcomed and appreciated. Furthermore, this resort is a wonderful choice for everyone who takes care of the environment as 75% of all the ingredients and products are locally sourced, and their kitchen garden is completely organic. Everyone who enjoys relaxing in a clean environment filled with nature and beaches will love this resort.

  1. Skyhouse Retreat

Located in Western Australia, this resort offers a wide variety of perks. It’s surrounded by nature as well as all the animals that inhabit the local forests. With glass windows in each of its treehouses, Skyhouse Retreat allows you to observe the wonders of nature all day and night. Moreover, all rooms have kitchens as well as washing machines, which make your holidays a little easier. Since the resort is placed near a river, all visitors can enjoy swimming, canoeing as well as relaxing by the water. Skyhouse Retreat is a perfect choice for all nature lovers as well as people looking for some peace and quality time.