Checkout The 5+ Best Treehouse Restaurants You Should Dine At

About a decade ago the treehouse-hype started. With a lot of accommodations opening up their treehouse for you to stay in. It was absolutely unique and refreshing as all of these locations provided a nice view. They’ve extended their purpose, making that there are now already a handful of locations that offer a fine dining experience right out of a treehouse!

Let’s take a look at the 5 best treehouse restaurants worldwide.

The Laurel Tree – USA

The first location is truly unique. In Texas, USA you’ll find The Laurel Tree. This treehouse has a very authentic feeling to it, and it’s a shame that their website is a bit outdated as it doesn’t serve the beauty that they are owning. It’s quite an exclusive experience as they don’t just open on Saturdays, they’re also limited in their seating. Making it hard to get in, but totally worth it.

The chef is Laurel Waters and she went to culinary school in Paris, where she also worked at some top restaurants. She took back this knowledge to Texas and started her own place. Dining in this fine establishment isn’t that expensive. Menus are set and dinner will cost you £48, which includes a five-course meal, and drinks are included!

Soneva Kiri – Thailand

For the next one, we will relocate ourselves to Thailand where you’ll find tree-pod dining! Which brings the treehouse experience up to another different level. This restaurant is part of an eco-luxury resort though, so it isn’t that accessible when you are looking for a dining place.

You can take your partner though on a magical adventure. The pods are designed for two persons, making it the perfect location to take your significant other. And the food itself will be winched up, giving you the complete Tarzan and Jane impression.

And besides dining, they also offer high tea. Which has been taken quite literally in this case. You’ll have a couple of options for the food and beverages that you’d like. Within this option, you can enjoy the tree-pod during the daytime as well.

Tree House Restaurante & Cafe, Costa Rica

In Costa Rica they’ve given a twist to the treehouse concept. They didn’t want to damage the tree itself and decided to build their restaurant around it. It does have a metallic staircase going through the tree itself, making it a complete experience.

This restaurant is great for people who are travelling around and don’t want anything too fancy. You can wine and dine here for about £ 16 per person. They offer some worldly foods on their menu, like pizza and pasta, for those who want to stick to the stuff they know.

However, they also didn’t forget to put some regional dishes on there as well. Which makes it perfect for about every type of traveller there is. And another small note. They’ve got some amazing coffee.

The Treehouse Restaurant, UK

This treehouse has been around since the 11th century, and is therefore the oldest one in the world! The restaurant is located in Alnwick Garden, which makes it a great day trip as well. After enjoying the majestic gardens you can enjoy some of Britain’s greatest classics, but with a twist.

This restaurant is great to do with the whole family. The exterior looks like it comes straight out of the Harry Potter movies. Making it not just a magical experience for your children, there is also a lot of space inside. This makes that they can run around a bit without causing any inconvenience.

Which is the last thing you’d want when you are out for dinner. They also have a special children’s menu available. And another great surprise, they do events as well. If you’ve always dreamt of holding your wedding in a treehouse, then you are at the right address.

They have so much space available that they’re able to hold the ceremony there, as well as the reception.

Redwoods Treehouse, New Zealand

Even though it’s not available for individual dining anymore, it’s still worth mentioning this one if you manage to put together a group. As for now, they only do private events, ranging from weddings to corporate events.

The treehouse, however, is looking absolutely stunning and has been featured in the series ‘the Shannara Chronicles’.

The modern design gives it a fairy-tale feeling to it, making all your dreams come through. When it comes down to fine dining and beautiful scenery, of course. It’s a shame that they aren’t open to individual dining, but maybe this option will be added in the future.