Checkout The 5 Best Treehouses You Can Rent Worldwide

Who doesn’t like the movie-like experience of being up high, in nature, and in a beautiful magical treehouse? If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck. There are hundreds of gorgeous treehouse-esque dwellings all over the world inviting ecotourists and average individuals with cabin fever looking to get away from it all.

Check out the following list of the top 5 best treehouses you can rent in the world, affordable and accessible to all, that we’ve handpicked for you.

1. Treehouse Point

This property, boasting 6 rooms, a spiral staircase, a bridge, and wide windows for plenty of light and air, is located outside Seattle in Issaquah, Washington. It is built around a large, thick redwood tree and sleeps up to 10 people. You can book tours, overnight stays, and even events, specifically weddings.

Their website hosts an impressive gallery of photographs from previous clients as well as pictures of the house, its interior, and the general surrounding area. Cost isn’t set but to be determined for each client.

2. Les Cabanes Du Bois Landry

Composed of over 15 uniquely built treehouses, Les Cabanes Du Bois Landry in France’s department of Eure-et-Loir boasts a natural, eco-friendly getaway about 1.5 hours’ drive from Paris for those itching to get away from it all and relieve their cabin fever. Each of these treehouses are individually designed, built out of wood, and cling to the vast barrage of oak trees that make up the forest.

You may have your choice of a treehouse with stairs, a zip liner, a rope bridge, a wooden walkway, a ladder, or even floating on a wooden barge in the nearby lake! The establishment hosts trails for biking/horse-riding/walking, fishing equipment rentals, boat rentals, tree-climbing, spas, labyrinths, and more! Cost isn’t stated but you may message management for further information.

3. Carolina Jewel Treehouse

Nicknamed America’s smallest castle, this magical little wooden dwelling located in Weaverville, North Carolina does indeed resemble a miniature castle. For a price of $450, you can spend the night in this 650 sq, 1-bedroom, 2-bathroom treehouse which can sleep up to 8 people.

Fully furnished, it is adorned with lanterns, rocking chairs, delicate china in the cabinets, a cozy little den, high ceilings, and even an old-fashioned outdoor shower.

The large windows offer a stunning view of the North Carolinian forest; evergreens, a nearby stream emptying into a lake a few miles away, fishing, boating, and a bursting population of deer, beavers, squirrels, coyotes, eagles, and hawks.

4. Luxury Ski In/Ski Out Chalet

If you are looking for a more winter-ish feel, you might want to try this luxury 3-level chalet located in Whitefish, Montana on the Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort. Cost is estimated at around $520 per night. With 820 sq ft of space, 2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, this chalet can house up to 6 people.

It has its own private Jacuzzi too! The skiing trails can be accessed immediately from the chalet. You literally step out the door and you are free to wander the surrounding glorious winter wonderland of snow-covered evergreens.

The resort also boasts a large amount of fauna so do not be surprised to spot a couple curious deer or snow owls peering at you from behind the trees as you ski past. The animals of the region are, for the most part, relatively harmless little critters.

5. Treehotel

Possibly the best of all is this very unique, awe-inspiring eco-friendly treehotel located in Harads, Sweden, approximately fifty kilometres outside of Lulea. It is also called the Mirror Cube because of its reflective exterior.

Designed from some of Scandinavia’s finest architects, the hotel is a lightweight aluminium structure mounted on the tree trunk of a tall pine. The entire structure, a 4 x 4 x 4 meter cube, is coated in highly reflective glass, creating a camouflage effect among the treetops.

The interior is composed of plywood and windows as large as possible, some of which allow for a 360 degree view of the natural expanse beyond.

It is rumoured that high profile politicians, celebrities, and influential icons have vacationed there; models, an associate of President Donald Trump, Dubai royalty, and so on. They have plans to expand into big business.