Best VPNs For New Zealand (Buyers Guide)

Who needs a VPN in New Zealand? Most common users want to unlock overseas content such as Netflix or iPlayer within minutes. 

VPN's also offer better security and the inability for anyone to track your internet usage. 

Below we'll discuss the best VPN providers in New Zealand

best vpns for new zealand

Whether you live here or are simply visiting, you're probably suffering due to the geo blocks in place on accessing Netflix USA and other overseas content.

To unlock content not currently available in New Zealand you need a good strong reliable VPN that can securely access geoblocked content

The best VPN providers out there also offer fast, secure encrypted connections so you remain anonymous on the internet when accessing banking, torrenting or downloading.

We've been using VPN's for years and unlike other reviews, we've bought and used all them before adding them to our review. 

Yes we've bought over 30 subscriptions, but only 4 made the cut! 

Below you'll find the top four VPNs for New Zealanders and tourists.

Voted Best VPN For 2020

Only $2.99/mo

Is Using a VPN Legal?

Using a VPN in New Zealand is perfectly legal and can be used for a wide variety of different tasks, such as keeping your identity anonymous when browsing on the internet.

Additionally they are often used for unlocking geo blocked websites from overseas, such as the BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Hulu.

An added bonus is that it can be used to prevent data breaches and ensure that your network is secure when you are surfing the internet.

You may have used a VPN in the past, such as when you were at work as they are often used to prevent unauthorised access to systems.

Why You Should Get a VPN In New Zealand

We are lucky in that our government does not monitor our internet usage. However, certain ISP's can indeed track what you are doing online.

Traffic shaping is a big deal in New Zealand. Slow torrents? It's likely your ISP is restricting your ability to achieve full speeds. 

While it's rare for an ISP to be looking at what you are doing, if they are subject to a court order or from the police they will hand over your personal information. 

Added Layer of Security

Having a VPN adds an extra layer of security to your internet browsing and ensures that your IP address, which is your public data, is not visible to authorities or anyone tracking your usage. 

If you've ever been to a hotel around the world, the administrator of that network could probably track everything that you are doing on. 

While it's unfortunate that some people do get caught up in scams and hacking online, it's best to make sure that you keep your network secure online.

This is where a VPN comes in by rerouting your traffic via a secure VPN tunnel network before heading out to the outside world.

This can ensure that you remain anonymous when you are online and help protect anyone from attempting to steal your identity.

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Additionally, to the privacy side of VPN, they are very good in that they allow you to bypass local geo IP restrictions such as the ability to watch TV content from overseas that would normally otherwise be blocked.

By connecting from New Zealand to a server in the United Kingdom, for example, you can access the BBC iPlayer and watch all the shows on demand and live at any time that suits you. Absolutely free of charge.

If you are an expat living in New Zealand, you may be missing out on your television from overseas and having a VPN with servers in multiple locations around the world can ensure that you can jump between tramp channels within seconds.

For example, you might want to connect to a server in the United States to watch Netflix USA, which has a lot more content than the New Zealand version.

Someone else in your household may be from the UK or has an interest in watching TV from the UK and they want to swap the server across to the United Kingdom so that they can watch the BBC iPlayer, channel four or channel five for example.

Better Legal Sports Availability

Sports fans rejoice because around the world there are a lot other.

There are lot more platforms compared to sky sports, which allow you to watch on demand sports, including the premier league as well as many other leagues such as the a league.

If you are currently in New Zealand and you have got access to spark sports, for example, when you go travelling overseas, you will not be able to access this platform as it is currently geo blocked to New Zealand.

If you had a VPN on your computer and you turned this on in your overseas location and choose a New Zealand server, you will be able to continue to watch spark sports from overseas.

Likewise, this would apply for any content in New Zealand that is blocked outside, such as TV and Zed, and one on demand.

Best VPNs for New Zealand

Best Value For Kiwis

Unlimited Devices

For Only $2.99/mo

1. Surfshark

Number of Servers: 1700+ | Countries: 63+ | Devices: Unlimited | Support: 24/7 live chat

  • Cheapest, most affordable in New Zealand
  • Use your account on unlimited devices
  • Superb security and protocols
  • 30 day money back guarantee

Surfshark is one of the best VPN providers in the industry, providing some of the cheapest prices that you can find anywhere.

Currently, these prices start at $2.99 per month. You get access to over 1700 servers in 63 countries around the world, and all of these servers offer high speed access and minimal latency.

Surf shark operates a no borders mode, as well as the ability to access content that is restricted in China and content from outside of China if you are travelling there.

They offer a camouflage mode which allows you to hide the fact that you are using a VPN when you are browsing the internet. 

In general, a lot of websites will block VPN traffic, so this is a great feature that you can enable or disable.

Surfshark offers the maximum security of a AES 256-bit encryption as well as DNS leak protection and the ability to enable or disable the automatic kill switch, which will terminate the traffic if any leaking of your DNS records are detected.

Surfshark is based offshore and outside the jurisdiction of the five eyes. Additionally, to this, they offer a no logging policy and the data is wiped from your session.

As soon as you disconnect, access logs are destroyed, keeping no record. 

One of the great features about Surfshark is their multi hop feature.

For those of you that are security conscious, this allows you to automatically change your location at random intervals to make it much harder for someone to track your internet usage.

You could say, for example, connect to Australia and within 30 minutes swap to the United States and then 30 minutes later swap to the United Kingdom.

Surfshark provides unlimited users per account. So provided you're accessing it from the same IP address, you can share your connection and your account with as many users in your household as possible.

Surfshark offer the cheapest rates in the industry and that is backed with a 30 day money back guarantee.

They offer a live chat facility 24/7 on their website and they have an extensive knowledge base if you need any assistance with setting it up.

They offer apps for nearly every device that you can imagine and they are easy to install.

And the last thing to mention here is that Netflix USA works great with this platform.

Tested & Working With

  • Netflix USA, Hulu Plus, iPlayer, Kayo Sports, DAZN, SHowtime, HBO, Prime Video
  • Supports torrenting and P2P

Includes Apps For

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows, Mac, Roku, Android, iOS, Kodi, Routers, Amazon Fire TV, Mi Box, Blackberry, Linux. 

Help & Support

  • They offer VPN video tutorials, FAQ's and a ticketing system. Live chat is available 24/7. 

Fastest Servers

142 Countries+, Good For Torrents

Only $2.88/mo

2. PureVPN

Number of Servers: 3000+ | Countries: 142+ | Devices: 5 | Support: 24/7 live chat

  • One of the most famous VPN providers
  • Offers huge range of countries to unlock content
  • Option to buy dedicated IP for faster speeds
  • 31 day money back guarantee.

Pure VPN is one of the most famous VPN providers around the world and is packed full of different features.

They offer some of the largest collection of servers currently over 3000 servers in 142 countries worldwide. This provides an IP pool of 300,000 addresses, making it very difficult for someone to track your internet usage.

Your VPN offers their highest level of encryption at 256-bit AES encryption.

As well as the ability to connect to servers in China for accessing content there, as well as accessing blocked content from within China.

If you were travelling there for work or pleasure, your VPN has a global network.

All the super fast servers and lightning fast connectivity, ensuring minimal latency on your connection.

They are located outside the five eyes jurisdiction and as of 2018 they no longer keep any logs of their users. They also store no connection logs whatsoever, which will ensure that your identity is secure at all times.

PureVPN is one of the best providers for supporting those of you that are interested in torrenting and P2P traffic sharing.

Additionally, they offer dedicated IP addresses for only $1 per month extra, which means you do not have to share the resources of the server with other users.​

Plus, they offer port forwarding and they are offering 24/7 live chat on email support at all times. They do not currently offer a free trial.

However, they do offer a 31 day money back guarantee, which is the longest money back guarantee in the industry.

So if you're not completely satisfied with their service, you can always request your money back.

PureVPN is definitely one of the cheaper providers out there, especially if you agree to a longer term, such as two years.

If you purchase a two year subscription, you can get this for $2.88 per month.

PureVPN allows you to connect up to five devices at the same time and offers a wide variety of different apps for all devices, including routers as well as consumer goods set up. An set up at pure VPN is instant and they offer fast support.

It's easy to see why this is one of the most recommended providers on Trustpilot and on other review sites around the world.

Tested & Working With

  • Netflix USA, Hulu Plus, iPlayer, Kayo Sports, DAZN, HBO, Sling TV

Includes Apps For

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows, Mac, Roku, Android, iOS, Kodi, Routers, Amazon Fire TV, Mi Box, Blackberry, Linux. 

Help & Support

  • They offer VPN video tutorials, FAQ's and a ticketing system. Live chat is available 24/7. Email support also on offer. 

Most Reliable

Great For Netflix USA

Only $6.67/mo

3. ExpressVPN

Number of Servers: 1700+ | Countries: 61+ | Devices: 5 | Support: 24/7 live chat

  • One of the most established providers
  • Works very well with Netflix USA
  • Comes at a price though (most expensive)

If you're looking for reliability and you want the best Netflix VPN provider in New Zealand to watch Netflix USA, then you really need to consider and use Express VPN.

However, this comes at a cost and it's definitely the most expensive VPN provider out there currently costing $12.99 per month on a one month plan and $6.67 on the 15 month plan. In between that, the average price is about $8.99 per month.

ExpressVPN offers some of the fastest lightning charged servers that you can find, and currently offers a range of 3000 servers in 148 locations around the world.

They also offer China's in servers in mainland China, which allows you to access Chinese blocked content as well as accessing content that is blocked outside of China if you are travelling there.

Express VPN offers advanced security with 256-bit AES encryption.

Alongside this, they offer DNS and IP leak protection with an automatic kill switch that can disable your internet connection, if any leaking is discovered.

ExpressVPN is located outside the five eyes jurisdiction being based in the British Virgin islands according to their terms and conditions.

They keep absolutely no logs whatsoever and their trusted server technology, which is a patented technology, wipes everything at the end of your session as if nothing had ever happened.

ExpressVPN offers the ability to connect up to five devices at any one time, and they offer a wide variety of different apps for different devices, including consumer technology as well as router support.

They offer a 24/7 live chat facility and a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee.

ExpressVPN is definitely one of the more expensive providers out there, however, it's almost guaranteed to work with Netflix USA where some of the other providers may struggle.

It's not hard to see why this VPN provider is rated so highly on Trustpilot and other review sites.

However, you will need to dig a little deeper into those pockets, especially in New Zealand where the US dollar is quite strong against our local currency.

Tested & Working With

  • Netflix USA, Hulu Plus, iPlayer, Kayo Sports, DAZN, Eurosport, ABC, Channel7

Includes Apps For

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows, Mac, Roku, Android, iOS, Kodi, Routers, Amazon Fire TV, Mi Box, Blackberry, Linux. 

Help & Support

  • Live chat 24/7 and ticketing support. 

Most Secure VPN

Great For Torrenting

Only $3.49/mo

4. NordVPN

Number of Servers: 5500+ | Countries: 59+ | Devices: Unlimited | Support: 24/7 live chat

If you're looking for a torrenting powerhouse or a P2P provider for using with newsgroups and usenet services, then definitely consider using NordVPN in terms of their server count.

It's one of the largest providers in the world with over 5,500 servers in 59 countries. However, that country count is a lot less than PureVPN.

All their servers are torment friendly, making them a perfect addition to your P2P set up. Additionally for anyone looking at Netflix USA, they have a wide variety of servers that can accommodate the bypassing all of the restrictions.

So if you're looking for Netflix USA, but don't want to spend the same amount as ExpressVPN, then NordVPN, it could be your next best option.

NordVPN also offer the highest grade encryption by offering  2048-bit AES encryption which is military grade and is nearly nine times more stronger than the standard 256-bit other providers offer.

General users such as you and me probably don't need this level of encryption.

However, anyone who's interested in security can definitely benefit from having this level of encryption behind them when accessing questionable content.

Additionally, NordVPN offers DNS leak protection and a kill switch will activate, if any leaking of your DNS records is discovered.

Like all of the providers so far, they are located outside the five eyes and hold a strict no logging policy so you can do whatever you want without compromising your privacy.

They offer a wide variety of different apps for most consumer goods as well as routers, and you can currently use five devices at the same time.

They offer a 30 day money back guarantee and they regularly offer special deals. If you wish to get in contact with NordVPN, they offer a live chat 24/7 via their website, and they also have an extensive knowledge base that you can check out.

Tested & Working With

  • Netflix USA, Hulu Plus, iPlayer, Kayo, ABC iView, Ten Play

Includes Apps For

  • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Windows, Mac, Roku, Android, iOS, Kodi, Routers, Amazon Fire TV, Mi Box, Blackberry, Linux. 

Help & Support

  • 24/7 live chat via website and ticketing support. 

How to Choose the Best VPN?

Choosing a VPN can be difficult because each provider claims to offer the best features and everyone is pretty much competing on price.

So today we will be giving you a quick rundown on what you should look for when you are buying a VPN provider.

Servers and Location

Don't be fooled into thinking that you need to purchase a VPN that offers the most servers. Ultimately, when you try to connect to a server in a particular country, you will only be able to select the country, not the actual server you're connecting to.

So just because a company offers 5000 servers does not make it better than a company that offers 1000 servers, if countries available are the same. 

You should look at the number of countries that they support and whether that the country that you are looking for is supported by that provider.

If you are looking to connect to a service in that country to watch TV from that country, then if it's not part of the VPN provider's inventory, you will not be able to do that.

That's why companies such as Surfshark and PureVPN do so well, because they have the most countries, which allows them to cover a greater user base for potential clients.

If a provider says that they have thousands of servers and that's why they are better than another provider, you should probably take note that they just means that they have 10 or 20 times more servers per location than another provider.

Connection Quality 

It can be difficult to choose to check the connection quality on a VPN before you purchase your provider.

That's why a lot of providers offer a money back guarantee, so if you're not entirely happy, you can simply request your money back.

Money back guarantees vary from 10 days through to 31 days

You should ensure that the company that you're looking for offers a high level of data encryption and ensure that you have an automatic kill switch to prevent any DNS leaking.

Additionally, the lowest tier of security is 256-bit AES encryption, and nearly all providers offer this service as standard. 

If you are an advanced user or really conscious about your security online, then you should ensure that you choose a provider that offers a higher level of encryption, such as 2048-bit AES encryption. NordVPN offers such a feature. 

Supported Apps 

It's all well and good having a VPN and an account with this provider. However, you're going to need a way to access your service.

Chances are you're going to want to watch TV from your tablet, your phone, or your computer, maybe even your TV.

So you'll want to find a provider that offers apps for all of these devices so that you can simply go into the app store, the play store, or the Apple store, and find the app for that provider and download it to your device.

Currently, there are many different ways to connect to a VPN, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Amazon fire TV. The Roku. Mibox.

Additionally, there are apps for Kodi and on wireless routers that will enable you to use any device in house via your VPN.

If you're looking for a VPN for Google Chromecast, then you are going to need a router set up with your VPN provider

Support and Guidance

Chances are you're going to need a provider that offers 24 seven live chat. If the company doesn't offer this service, it can definitely be frustrating because if you cannot connect, you will have to wait for someone to reply to your email and it can be very tedious going back and forth with email tickets.

Some cheap providers out there don't offer live chat and instead offer ticketing based support. However, this is strongly discouraged, especially if you are a new user to VPNs.

All of the providers we've discussed today offer a live chat facility, so definitely check them out.

Final Verdict

There are many different things to consider when choosing the best VPN to use in New Zealand. For some, simply geo-unblocking is important, while for others it's about security and privacy. 

All the VPN providers on our list offer all these features and reasonable money back guarantees, allowing you to find the best VPN for your needs with zero risk. 

If you're still unsure on whether you should buy a VPN, be sure to checkout our guide on why you need to purchase one today.