How do we make money?

Our website is supported by affiliate commissions earned from visitors who click on affiliate links and proceed to make a purchase on the vendors website. 

What's an affiliate link? 

This is a unique link that tracks visitors to a web page from another. Our links all have unique identifiers that include a cookie that is stored in your web browser.

This data contains no personal information. Should you purchase from the website in the next 30 days, the cookie will fire on the checkout page, earning us a commission on your sale. 

After 30 days, this cookie disappears, or if you clear your Internet Cache. The web is full of cookies and there's nothing to worry about. 

It doesn't cost you anything more!

Some visitors think it might cost them more to buy through our links. If anything we often have the best prices guaranteed and might be cheaper than the official website. 

Regardless, you'll never pay more for using our links. We take a small percentage of the total price and this is paid directly to us by the website owners. 

Who are our affiliate partners?

Currently we work with the following companies. Our team have reviewed over 75 different VPN providers, but these are the only providers we have a financial relationship with. 

  • Surfshark
  • PureVPN
  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN.

How does Yellow Treehouse make sure it remains unbiased? 

There's a misconception that because we earn an affiliate commission that our reviews are biased. However we have a strict review process and each provider goes through the same testing, regardless of who they are. 

We have in the past and will continue to openly criticise our partners and share results with them and our readers. We also encourage readers to contribute with their own verdicts and feedback by using the comments box. All genuine comments are published. 

What's the review process?

We follow the same process for every review including: 

  1. Servers: Number of them, total locations and IP addresses
  2. Features: Any special features they offer such as Camo Mode
  3. Encryption: The level of encryption offered
  4. Protocols & Encryption: The various levels to protect users
  5. Logging Policy: Do they keep logs? Does ToS match?
  6. Security Features: Do they have killswitches, dns leak tests etc?
  7. DNS Leak Test: Did it fail or pass the test?
  8. P2P Support: Do their servers support torrenting or not?
  9. Jurisdiction: Where are they based? 
  10. Performance: How well does it perform with speed/IP/DNS?
  11. Netflix Support: Does it unlock foreign Netflix catalogues?
  12. Customer Support: What do they offer? How good is it?
  13. Refund Policy: What do they offer?
  14. Pricing: What are the different options?
  15. Devices: How many connections and devices you can use.

Why we disclose this?

Every review website out there makes money by receiving affiliate commissions. Some are owned by the companies they are promoting. 

The problem is most don't disclose things openly as they don't want people to think they are earning commissions, which is completely false. 

We like to remain open and transparent, which will help you make a better buying decision. 

If we wanted to promote the highest paying affiliate program like some providers, we could, but we aren't, proving our goal is to only work with and promote the best VPN providers. 

We don't support illegal activity

In no way do we support illegal activity or the consumption of pirate content while using a VPN. We only recommend using these providers for privacy and geo unblocking, both of which are legitimate under New Zealand Law. Users are responsible for their own actions, not us. 

Take our advice as educational

Finally, you should take our advice as purely educational. At the time of writing our content was correct, however websites change, apps disappear, services cease to operate and pricing models change. We cannot be held responsible for inaccurate information. 

Therefore we offer no guarantees of any financial gain or results and all information is intended for educational learning only. 

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Updated: May 2020.