How To Watch YuppTV In New Zealand

So you want to watch or access YuppTV in New Zealand but can't? Tried visiting the website and been hit with a 'not available in your region' error? 

It's annoying right! Given how much awesome content is on their platform. This platform is available in most countries, but not New Zealand. 

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What is a VPN? 

A virtual private network (VPN) is a piece of software that runs in the background on your device and replaces your normal IP address with an overseas one.

With one click you can change your IP address to any country in the world. This makes it possible to unlock local content you usually couldn't access, fast and safe. 

Additionally a VPN allows you to remain secure online, by protecting your real identity from prying eyes such as your ISP and local authorities. 

VPN's don't track your usage either, allowing you to do whatever you like online. 

There's many VPN providers out there, but we only recommend the best and most affordable for New Zealand residents and tourists. 

How To Access YuppTV With A VPN

There is no way to watch YuppTV in New Zealand without using a VPN or Smart DNS provider. Fortunately these are very affordable to purchase. 

Follow this simple five step process to watch YuppTV within minutes. 

1. Purchase Cheapest VPN Plan

Surfshark is one of the most affordable providers out there, with plans starting at $1.99USD per month. This works out to be around $3.15 per month in NZD. 

You can purchase with Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Amazon Pay and Google Pay. A full 30 day money back guarantee is included. 

2. Download The Application

You'll receive an email with your login details. 

Additionally you'll be able to download their software for your device. 

They offer support for MacOS, Windows, Linux, FireTV, AppleTV, Android TV, iOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation, Google Chrome, Firefox and Roku. 

3. Login To Your VPN Account

Once the app is installed, you'll need to use the username and password to login. 

The app will remember your login details for future access. 

4. Activate & Choose Australian Server

You'll be able to change locations in a matter of seconds. Click connect and once the Surfshark logo lights up green you'll be connected. 

If you want fast speeds then choosing the Optimal location will be your best option. 

This is the MacOS version. They have apps for every device!

Currently they offer over 63 countries across 6 continents to choose from. 

5. Signup & Start Watching

Ensure you're connected to a location where the app is based, i.e. Australia. 

Then it's time to visit and signup for your free trial account. Once you've verified your account, you'll be able to watch their content.

You can then disconnect the VPN when you'e finished and reload again next time using the quick connect option. 

What is YuppTV?

YuppTV is an online streaming service, with content aimed primarily at a South Asian audience.

The service offers a wide range of original television shows and movies in over 15 different languages, such as Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Punjabi and English, amongst several others.

The service focuses mainly on Indian content and is one of the largest and oldest streaming services in the world. YuppTV’s content is primarily Indian movies and television programs, with over 200 different channels on offer.

What's On Yupptv?

Moreover, the service claims to have more than five thousand hours’ worth of movies and hundreds of TV shows, all viewable in over 13 different Indian languages.

The service boats an extensive and ever-growing catalogue of programs, claiming that thousands of hours of content are added every day.

History of Yupptv

YuppTV was founded in 2006 by CEO Uday Reddy, who began the service in response to an inability to re-watch television shows if one missed the original broadcast.

The primary intention of Reddy in creating the service was a way to facilitate the viewing of television shows via the Internet, as at the time, it was difficult for Indians to watch television even in their native language.

YuppTV has since expanded and grown into one of the biggest streaming services available today, viewed by people in more than 50 countries in the world.

The company’s headquarters is currently in two locations: Atlanta, Georgia in the United States and Hyderabad in India.

How Much Does Yupptv Cost?

YuppTV has only one type of package available for subscription, however, there are three ways in which users can pay.

These are monthly, half yearly and yearly, the average price per month becoming significantly cheaper if one opts to purchase the yearly or half yearly package.

The monthly package comes at a cost of $24.99 AUD, the half yearly at $149.94 AUD, and the annual is $299.88.

However, at the time of writing, it is worth noting that both the half yearly and yearly packages are on sale, the former costing $119.99 and the latter at $189.99.

The content offered is dependent on the geographical location of the user, for instance, in Australia there are 165 channels available with each of these packages.

These packages give users access to YuppTV’s Television Programs, and all packages also include the ‘YuppFlix Movies Pack’.

The YuppFlix Movies Pack is also available for a direct subscription, which offers users a vast range of original YuppTV movies.

The monthly package comes to $5.99 AUD a month, and the half yearly and yearly are $39.99 and $59.99 each, respectively.

How To Watch Yupptv?

Like most streaming services, YuppTV’s content can be streamed on multitudinous devices such as computers, mobile phones, tablets and smart TV’s.

Users are generally required to download the app on their respective device, which include iPhones, iPads, Android Tablets/Mobiles and even certain video game consoles like the Xbox. For any given account, users can stream multiple devices concurrently, the maximum being four.

It should also be noted that packages include ‘device activation fees’, which includes both one time fees as well as additional, monthly costs for each device.

YuppTV New Zealand FAQ's

1. Do you have to be in India to use YuppTV?

No, you must be outside India, but you must also be in a supported country such as Australia, United States, Canada etc. You can use any VPN provider to change your geographical location fast. 

2. Is YuppTV available in NZ?

YuppTV is not currently available in New Zealand. Currently you have to be located in the United States and it's territories, Canada or Australia. To watch YuppTV here, you need to use a VPN provider with Australian or US servers to bypass geo-restrictions.

3. What is the price of YuppTV?

There is various pricing available. The monthly package comes at a cost of $24.99 AUD, the half yearly at $149.94 AUD, and the annual is $299.88.

4. How do I get YuppTV on the TV?

If you've got a smart TV, download the VPN app and then choose relevant Australian server. You'll be able to find YuppTV  in the app store.

If you can't you can always sideload the app onto your TV if it's supported using these links. 

Additionally you can install the VPN app on your router, if it's supported and this will allow you to cast content from the Yupptv website on your laptop or smartphone to the TV. 

Chromecast does not work without a router VPN. 

5. What can I watch on YuppTV? 

Some of the most popular content to watch includes; 

  • Kilukkam Killukilukkam
  • Mahayanam
  • Mohini
  • Adavi
  • Sandimuni
  • Gypsy.

Some of the included TV stations include:

  • Asianet Plus
  • TBO Classic
  • MAA TV
  • ETV HD
  • KBO
  • Hum Masala
  • Mirror Now
  • BBO Classic
  • Sony TV
  • Times Now
  • Star
  • NDTV 24x7
  • Colors
  • Gemini TV
  • FlowersTV
  • Athavan TV
  • IBC
  • Maa Music
  • Jaya Max
  • Jeevan TV
  • PeopleTV
  • RAJ TV
  • Shalom Television
  • Madha TV
  • Sivan Temple TV
  • Satsang TV
  • IndiaTV.