How To Watch Masterchef Australia In New Zealand

So you want to watch MasterChef Australia in New Zealand but can't? Tried visiting the website and been hit with a 'not available in your region' error? 

Tried to watch on TV here and found it's behind in Australian screening? Plus it doesn't help with online news sites spoiling it for you. 

It's annoying right! Well there's a solution, and it takes a few minutes to implement. 

how to watch masterchef australia nz

Can I Watch MasterChef In NZ?

You can watch MasterChef Australia here in New Zealand but the episodes aren't available to watch at the same time as they are in Australia.

Plus you might want to watch all the episodes in one viewing, such as a few per night. This is not possible. 

TVNZ own the rights, so if you wanted to watch on-demand you're out of luck as the episodes aren't available to watch until after they have finished being aired in Australia.

But with the help of a premium VPN provider, you can bypass this restriction as the show is free to air in Australia and available on 10 Play's website. 

Watch MasterChef Australia

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What is a VPN? 

A virtual private network (VPN) is a piece of software that runs in the background on your device and replaces your normal IP address with an overseas one.

With one click you can change your IP address to any country in the world. This makes it possible to unlock local content you usually couldn't access, fast and safe. 

Additionally a VPN allows you to remain secure online, by protecting your real identity from prying eyes such as your ISP and local authorities. 

VPN's don't track your usage either, allowing you to do whatever you like online. 

There's many VPN providers out there, but we only recommend the best and most affordable for New Zealand residents and tourists. 

How To Watch MasterChef Australia With A VPN

If you want to watch this TV show live or on-demand when it's actually screened, you'll need to get yourself setup with a VPN that offers Australian servers. 

Follow this simple five step process to watch MasterChef within minutes. 

1. Purchase Cheapest VPN Plan

Surfshark is one of the most affordable providers out there, with plans starting at $1.99USD per month. This works out to be around $3.15 per month in NZD. 

You can purchase with Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Amazon Pay and Google Pay. A full 30 day money back guarantee is included. 

2. Download The Application

You'll receive an email with your login details. 

Additionally you'll be able to download their software for your device. 

They offer support for MacOS, Windows, Linux, FireTV, AppleTV, Android TV, iOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation, Google Chrome, Firefox and Roku. 

3. Login To Your VPN Account

Once the app is installed, you'll need to use the username and password to login. 

The app will remember your login details for future access. 

4. Activate & Choose Australian Server

You'll be able to change locations in a matter of seconds. Click connect and once the Surfshark logo lights up green you'll be connected. 

If you want fast speeds then choosing the Optimal location will be your best option. 

This is the MacOS version. They have apps for every device!

Currently they offer over 63 countries across 6 continents to choose from. 

5. Signup & Start Watching

Ensure you're connected to a location where the app is based, i.e. United States. 

Then it's time to visit 10 Play and signup for your free account. Once you've verified your account, you'll be able to watch their content.

You can then disconnect the VPN when you'e finished and reload again next time using the quick connect option. 

What Is MasterChef Australia?

MasterChef is a competitive cooking show format that was created by Franc Roddam, originating in the UK. 

A panel of highly esteemed chefs judge aspiring home cooks who compete in an array of challenges to take out the top prize and be announced as MasterChef.

The TV show format has seen global success, being adapted in over 35 countries.

History of Masterchef Australia

MasterChef Australia first aired on 27th April 2009 on the Channel 10 network. 1.42 million Australians tuned in to watch the premiere, with Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold” blasting through lounge-rooms nationwide as the opening credits rolled.

As the season continued ratings climbed, averaging 2 million viewers per episode and becoming the most viewed program in its timeslot.

Over the past 11 years, the show has gone on to produce another 11 seasons garnering nationwide acclaim and catapulting many of its winners into overnight commercial success.

Previous Winners of The Show

Julie Goodwin, a married mother of three, became a house-hold name when she defeated Poh Ling Yeow and claimed the title of Australia’s first MasterChef.

Goodwin has published several award-winning cookbooks, appeared on “I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!” and starred in her own cooking show aired on Nine Network; “Home Cooked! With Julie Goodwin.”

In 2013, the Sydney Morning Herald published an article detailing wages paid to MasterChef contestants. The publishing giant reported weekly wages of $630 for the show’s contestants, being paid on top of food and accommodation.

Masterchef Australia Famous Guests

Over its many years of production, the show has seen an abundance of famous guest chefs. Some frequent the set regular enough to have entire weeks of challenges dedicated in their name, as we saw when “Gordon Ramsay Week” made its debut in Season 10.

Adriano Zumbo, pâtissier and chef, first appeared on Australian televisions in 2009, when he appeared as a guest judge.

Showcasing his incredible desserts and introducing the Australian public to the complex French dessert croquembouche, Zumbo himself experienced overnight stardom.

The pâtissier extraordinaire has hosted his own TV shows; “Zumbo’s Just Desserts,” “Sugar Rush” and “Sugar Rush Christmas.”

George Calombaris, Gary Mehigan and Matt Preston became household names as the hit shows judges. But in 2020, after Calombaris’ wage theft scandal and unsuccessful contract negotiations, the show has returned for its 12th season with fresh faces.

New Masterchef Judges

Jock Zonfrillo, Melissa Leong and Andy Allen have been launched into the limelight as MasterChef Australia’s new judges, as we see previous contestants return for a second chance to take home the grand prize.

The season premiere aired on April 13, with 1.2 million metropolitan viewers. The 2020 launch saw a 71.7% increase in viewers, compared to 715,000 metropolitan viewers in 2019.

In 2010, MasterChef lovers were treated to Junior MasterChef, an adorable spin-off, featuring contestants between ages 8-12.

In early 2020, a third season of Junior MasterChef Australia was announced, and casting was opened to children aged between 9 and 14 years old.

MasterChef New Zealand FAQ's

1. Do you have to be in Australia to watch Masterchef?

Technically not. Eventually Masterchef Australia episodes are available to watch on TV in New Zealand and then online via TVNZ on-demand. 

However this can take a long time, often you'll already know the winner (thanks to media) before you even get to watch the first episode. 

But with the help of a VPN with Australian servers, you can watch all episodes for free using the 10 Play website. 

2. Is MasterChef available in NZ?

Yes it is, but episodes are not readily available. TVNZ usually eventually shows the episodes but this is one per night over XX amount of weeks. 

3. What is the price of MasterChef?

There is no price, as it's showcased free to air on TVNZ and on-demand. This channel is supported by rate payers and TV taxes. Likewise in Australia 10 Play is a free to air platform supported by paid ads. 

4. How do I get MasterChef on the TV?

If you've got a smart TV, download the VPN app and then choose relevant Australian server. You'll be able to find 10 Play in the app store. 

If you can't you can always sideload the app onto your TV if it's supported using these links. 

Additionally you can install the VPN app on your router, if it's supported and this will allow you to cast content from the 10 Play website on your laptop or smartphone to the TV. 

Chromecast does not work without a router VPN. 

5. Is MasterChef coming to NZ?

There are no plans for MasterChef to come to New Zealand. 

6. What can I watch on MasterChef? 

You can watch some of the best amateur cooking you'll find on TV. It's completely different to Masterchef USA and UK, offering a unique spin off that entertains viewers.